Right from our first meeting I felt comfortable and confident in Dan and Bonnie Lee. They helped me to reduce my stress and anxiety over the selling process and the end result is what we sat down to do. Sell my place. I’m very thankful I had you both on my team.

Glen McPherson

I want to thank you and Bonnie for the wonderful job in listing our house. The staging, description of the property and photo’s went above and beyond our expectations. Your firm is a complete package!

Nadim Jessa

Great first home buying experience. It went a lot smoother than anticipated. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone.

Tanner Wyatt

Dan Nash is great. On the sale of our home, he analyzed our house, researched the market, advised us on an appropriate list price, helped us stage the house and was with us every step of the way. We sold our house in just over two weeks on the market. On the purchase of our new home, Dan researched and advised us as before and was able to move and react as the situation and conditions demanded. Being a professional myself, I appreciate his candor, professionalism and wealth of industry knowledge. It is because of Dan that we have a new found appreciation for what a highly respected, experienced and passionate REALTOR® can do for you. We recommend Dan and his team to everyone, including to those that are not even buying or selling their home yet.

Paul Frank & Kerri Howard

The sale of our home was as easy and stress-free as it could possibly have been. Dan’s knowledge of the real estate market in our community provided the starting point for asmooth transaction. Everything from his market analysis, to having Bonnie Lee’s expertise and execution in home staging and photography, right through to Dan’s ability to generate the interest to attract many potential buyers. With a sale of full list price at the end of 8 days on the market, we could not have been happier. Working with Dan to sell our home was an exceptionally seamless experience due in large part to his dedication, expertise and professionalism. Thank you Dan Nash!!

Tyson & Alina Lefebvre

When we decided to list our home we gave Dan Nash a call and from the moment we met him we knew we had chosen the right REALTOR® for today’s market. Dan’s experience, knowledge and professionalism, along with his expertise in promoting and marketing homes puts him at the top, second to none. From first meeting with us to talk about listing our home right up to the close of the sale Dan was right there providing us with everything we needed to know, from what we need to have in place before selling to what will happen when the final deal is closed. Dan went way beyond all our expectations in all aspects of the sale of our home and then went further by making numerous trips well out of the city to show us homes we were interested in purchasing. Not only did he sell our home, but, he sold us a new home and the whole experience with both deals was smooth and easy with no stress or worries.We would advise anyone looking to sell or purchase a new home to call Dan Nash first. You will not be disappointed! Thanks Dan!

Wayne & Margaret Lafferty

We could never have done it so quickly and efficiently without the Nash Group. Never a more professional and caring team than Dan and Bonnie Lee Nash.

John and Joanne Doi

We would highly recommend Dan Nash and his support team and can honestly say they went above and beyond our expectations in handling our real estate needs. We recently bought and sold our house and used Dan’s services and were very impressed with his entire team’s prompt and friendly response to the questions/details it took to successfully complete this process. In addition, we weren’t expecting details such as the time and creative effort that would go into making our home’s spec sheets – but we couldn’t believe how great the house was displayed! All of Dan’s team exercised excellent communication skills and patience to help us better understand the current real estate market, which made it easier making those big decisions. Again, we couldn’t be more pleased with the end results: We sold our home for as much as we had hoped and are so excited about our beginnings in our new house. We forward again our sincerest thanks to Dan & his group – they really did win our faith and made us feel more at ease and confident about the whole process.

Jody & Lorie Aaron

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Dan Nash in the listing and sale of our home.

Without a doubt Dan Nash and his team provided outstanding service and were able to sell our home within a very short period of time. We were impressed when we interviewed Dan to sell our home, he came prepared sharing with us statistics of recent homes sold in our area and how he intended to market our house. He had prepared graphs and charts and spent over two hours answering all our questions and was extremely patient. Bonnie Lee did an exceptional job in staging our home, she changed our curtains and got some furniture and made our home look simply amazing. Dan is a straight shooter, honest and hardworking and we could not be happier with the outcome of selling our home. Everything went so smoothly with dan helping us along the way. We highly recommend Dan, he definitely delivers on his promise and works for the seller to make sure you get the price you want.

Jude & Sybil Braganza

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of the hard work you put into the sale of our home. From the day-to-day, to things like picking up documents, we can’t stress enough how much we appreciated the hands on touch that you provided. We want you to know that we will recommend you to anyone who is buying or selling. We view you as a friend of the family now.

Steve & Becky

We have bought and sold twice, with Dan Nash as our REALTOR®. Dan has always been professional, reliable and trustworthy…and always a pleasure to deal with. He goes”above and beyond” and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the services of a REALTOR®. “I could go on and on.………..Thanks Dan.

Kerry & Rob

Dan is honest, trustworthy and we never doubted that he always had our best interests in mind.
I would not hesitate to refer the Nash Group to anyone that is selling or buying a home.
My wife and I will use Dan on our next purchase.

Grant and Michelle Juette

We want to thank you for getting us a sale. We are sure glad we picked you. When it goes wacky you need a REALTOR® that can roll with the punches and knows what he is doing. Dan is the man! It has been a real pleasure watching a pro work! Of course we will be recommending you Dan, you sold us on your skills!

Georgina & Alan

Despite having some showings on our own, we had no offers. I called Dan… he and Bonnie Lee sprang into action! The staging advice and help made a huge difference. Dan sold our house in one day with no aggravation or unneeded drama. Our experience was tremendous. Our stress level plummeted with Dan on the job.

Kelly & Dianne VanWeber

Thanks again to you and Bonnie Lee for all your hard work. We are so thankful and very fortunate that our house sold quickly in this market. We appreciate you so much and would recommend you to anyone.

Melanie and Brian Kane

My wife and I really appreciated the service and expertise of Dan as we sold our townhouse to move into a bigger home. He had a sensible approach that helped us to sell quickly in a very tough market and still get the amount that we expected for our home. He had the goal of selling our home within the first two weeks, and it only took 8 days! I have since referred him to friends and family because we were so impressed with his work.

Ross & Natalie Kirkpatrick

Dan , Bonnie Lee and his team are simply the best in the industry. We have used their services for three homes now and have had had a stress-free, successful experience with each one. Dan provides constant well researched and resourced information on the real estate market so you are an informed seller and/or buyer. The home staging by Bonnie Lee is amazing and a smooth process. The marketing tools used online made our home look it’s absolute best and provides potential buyers with the ability to visually walk around the house. The Nash team works non-stop to sell your home and has always exceeded my expectations.

Penny & Terrance

My husband David and I found the need to sell our home in the worst season for selling homes and during the worst time in our economy to sell a home. Our experience with Dan Nash was a feeling of confidence that if anyone could sell our house it would be Dan. Why did we feel that way? From the first time we met with Dan you could tell he knew the market, he was informative and interesting andmade us feel that we were the only house he was listing. He stayed in touch with us nearly daily and provided tremendous advertising coverage, so we were never left to wonder what was being done to sell our home. The support team and members Dan has with him were also impressive. When Bonnie Lee came in to prepare our home for staging to sell the home…..Dan was also present and physically helping with furniture and all. We never had to worry about showings as Dan’s team organized all showings and communicated when they would be and always gave us time to be prepared.With Dan we always felt comfortable sharing our concerns about the market and our anxiety about the sale of our home. He always had time for us. Then when we finally observed that in fact Dan had alot of other listed homes it donned us that we were not his only client we just felt like we were! You can trust Dan with the sale of your home and for everything he says he will do – he does. He always followed through on every issue and situation. We sold our home at the right time for us and when the right buyer came along with an offer, the whole process from the start of the offer to the end was maybe 6 hrs and to know that Dan was at the helm we had no worries. We have recommended Dan already to everyone we have talked to since we went through this process and we highly recommend anyone needing to sell or buy a home. USE DAN NASH.

Randy & David Lee

Dan is easily the best Real Estate Professional I have ever met and dealt with. I used him for the purchase of my first home, and the service was so professional and personable I used him again to sell that home and buy my next. And will use him over and over again.

Melanie Caldwell

Thanks Dan. We are very pleased to have reached this point, especially working with you. Our only regret is we did not engage you sooner.

Donna & Graham Lee

When we asked Dan and his team to sell our house the housing market had declining sales and high listings. Dan was able to explain the situation, ease our minds and start to formulate a plan to sell our house. Dan was actively involved during all phases of the sale of our house and was always there to answer our questions. We would definitely use Dan and The Nash Group again!

Tim Kroeker & Karen Dunmall

After working with Dan we felt compelled to comment on the wonderful experience we had with the service he provides. While the market was in a short lull, Dan accomplished something few others could at that time by selling our home, at a price we were happy with, in less than two weeks. However, what really stood out was the manner in which he assisted us with the purchase of our new home. Unfortunately we found ourselves dealing with a number of setbacks, most of them quite stressful. Dan was constantly working outside of the normal REALTORS® domain striving to do whatever he could to assist us and for that we are exceptionally grateful. We would encourage anyone looking to buy or sell a home to contact Dan and his team of professionals; you won’t be disappointed!

Wanda & Blair

This was our first house that we had to sell. At the beginning we went with another REALTOR® and he was not able to find a right buyer for us in two months. As a result we had no choice but try something else. Luckily we found Dan and he was exactly the REALTOR® we needed. Two weeks later we had one offer and shortly after another one, which we happily accepted. If there is a potential buyer be assured Dan will find him. Thanks.

Elena & Ross Salikhovs

We recently worked with Dan and would just like to say that it was great! His team made us feel like we were their only clients and they answered any concerns we had in a patient and considerate manner. We had used another REALTOR® before but did not get even one viewing. With Dan we had 40 viewings and sold in 24 days. We would highly recommend Dan and his team to everyone who wants to sell their house in a realistic and timely way. Thank you so much Dan!

Shaun, Natalie, Joshua & Marcus Wood

I think that if you trust them and do what they say- your house will sell faster than you could ever imagine.
People tend to take things very personally when they’re selling their house- but you can’t- Bonnie and Dan just want to help get
everything done for their clients, so trusting their expertise is very important- and trust me, it pays off!
They sold our house in less than I week!!! During a downturn- totally amazing!

Ian and Robyn Herman

Dan, what can I say! Thank you so much. You’re God sent to me.

Ky Trong