Referral Program

Dear Clients and Customers/Friends…

We are so excited to share with you our new Referral Incentive Program from Western Gold Real Estate!

How does $1,000 sound to you? Just for sharing our name and the great experience you have had working with us, you can walk away with $1,000 in your pocket, a happy friend and a grateful business partner!

Here is how it works…
Introduce us to someone you know that is thinking of buying or selling real estate and we’ll take it from there.

We will contact your friend to discuss with them their real estate needs and the real estate transaction they are considering. If they do decide to move forward with our real estate team and purchase or sell a property, we will then require them to fill out an “Unlicensed Referral CONSENT” form which has all the pertinent information regarding the referral.  Within 30 days of closing date and escrow fulfilled, Western Gold Real Estate will write you out a cheque for $1,000 – straight and simple!

Your referrals tell us you are pleased with how you have been treated and served as well as your understanding of the value you have received from our services… referrals are crucial to helping our business to continue to succeed, and we want to share that success with you.

With this new written policy in place, we are in a position to show you our appreciation for allowing us to be part of your real estate investment team and to help your friends and family receive the same service and commitment you have… with the same positive results.

Thank you so much for being part of our real estate family and for your continued support that has contributed to our success.

Any questions you have or would just like to chat, give me a call.


Dan Nash


NOTE: Qualifying Referrer is either a client or customer/friend (known people to The Nash Group).