Our Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that if we do not perform any one or more of the services guaranteed during the term of our agreement, you may unconditionally cancel the listing agreement and/or buyers brokerage subject to the Brokerage Agreement.


Without any reservation.
I Guarantee…
1. Open communication with you on an ongoing basis.
2. Your telephone calls will be answered as soon as possible.
3. Your property will be constantly and consistently exposed to the buying public
4. I will keep you abreast of current and creative financing programs available, helping buyers and potential buyers and their agents find the best financing possible today.
5. I will present all offers to you and review the offers with you, with objectivity and insight.
6. I will provide a CMA on all properties that you want to prepare an offer for and prepare accordingly, representing your interests.
7. I will do whatever it takes, so long as it is moral, legal and ethical, to get the sale closed for you. I will make every effort with everyone involved in the sale: your lawyer, the selling agent, the appraiser, the bank, the home inspector, and anyone else that may be involved, to make sure that the sale closes.